Seventh Avenue - Between the Worlds


Well, Seventh Avenue has officially hit their stride.  This album is way better than I was expecting and in my opinion it blows it's predecessor Southgate out of the water.  I've easily listened to this album WAY more times then I've listened to all their other albums's that good!   The band also recently got signed to Massacre Records in Europe, so I'm not the only one noticing this marked improvment.
Melodic power metal with addictive choruses that will stay in your head for months is the menu item of choice here.  Seventh Avenue definitely sound like themselves, but comparisons will range from Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Maiden, to even Helloween.  This band absolutely shreds musically!  It must be a crime to have this much talent in one band.  Vocally, Herbie Langhans puts forth his most impressive performance yet.  Songs like "A Step Between the Worlds", "Levy Your Soul from Hate", and "Tale of the Forgotten Dreams" are just flat out fantastic.  But seriously, there isn't a lame song on this disc.  You get it all - blazing guitars (and I mean BLAZING!), soaring vocals, terrific production, elaborate artwork, and nothing but excellent songs from start to finish.  Another noticed improvement is this German band's use of the English language.  It used to be REALLY choppy and badly used, but they've improved a great deal here.  Not perfect, but much more easy to understand and follow only with.
This is definitely one of the best metal releases of the year.  If you're into this style at all, then you'd be doing yourself a huge favor in picking this disc up.  (Review by Matt)