Saving Blue - The Sinner's Cry

Talking Music


Ok, if you like emo, but hate the occasional bursts of guitars and crazy screams, then this is the perfect band for you.  No aggression at all.  No metal at all.  Just slow and mellow.   Fans of stuff like The Juliana Theory, Coldplay, or maybe Counting Crows will dig this band.  Heck, my wife thinks they are fantastic.  I just have to really be in a chillin' mood to listen to something this.  And today I am not in a chilin' mood.  
Packaging is nothing elaborate and flashy, but nicely done.  Production is good and their lyrics are excellent.  Don't believe me?  Check out the lyrics to the title track:  "Cold and dark on this road I left you for/There's nothing here to love or to adore/A pitiful regret is all that's left of me/Open up these darkened eyes/It turned out they couldn't see/This is the sinner's cry.../I had you on my mind/at least a little while/But claws of sinful paths/know their way to lie/I turned my back on holiness/I turned my back and died/And all that I can sing now/is the sinner's cry."  Powerful stuff!  This Swedish band is very talented and should garner a good following in time.  You can order this album in the U.S. from Brutal Planet Distribution:  or you can visit the band's website at:  (Review by Matt)