Sanctum - Lupus in Fabula


I didn't really start getting into industrial music until around 1992.  And even then, the extent of my industrial taste was bands like Circle of Dust, Brainchild, or Chatterbox.  The metal hybrid type bands that often put more emphasis on the metal instead of the industrial side of things.  Then, in 1996, I decided to branch out a bit.  I bought an album by Mental Destruction called Straw, and this album I'm reviewing now, Lupus in Fabula by Sanctum.  Straw was quite a stretch from what I was used to, but one I learned to love.  Lupus in Fabula was different for sure from what I was used to, but an album that I absolutely fell in love with.  One that helped draw me away from the metal-saturated industrial-influenced bands and into the realm of industrial...Cold Meat Industry style.
Now, these Swedish industrial masters are probably one of the most accessible on the Cold Meat Industry label, but are also probably one of the most respected and loved.  Lupus in Fabula is an emotional rollarcoaster of an album that over 7 years after it was released is still one of my favorites ever.  
This group of two men and two women bring forth a very orginal sound that will suck you in and leave you wanting to buy their entire catalog of music after just one listen.  The band effortlessly melds harsh industrial with beautiful soundscapes for a breathtaking experience.  One moment they throw at you brutal, distorted male vocals with raw, industrial sounds of all sorts of machinery and various percussions.  The next minute, the stunningly beautiful female vocals, keyboards, and cello chime in to sweep you off your feet.  Sanctum joins the two extremes together in perfect unity and it never sounds forced or out of place.  They occasionally will use the heavy, driving guitars, but never are they overused.  They place them accurately and sparingly.
Every song is a highlight here, but my favorites would probably have to be "In Two Minds" and the captivating "Juniper Dreams".  This lady has an angelic voice!  Whatever you do though, don't let the 1996 date on this album scare you.  Even in 2003, this is amazing stuff and it's definitely worth getting for anyone into industrial music...or for anyone just looking for a change.  (Review by Matt)