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Sanctifica Interview - Added 11/14/01

The Whipping Post - So what is the current lineup of Sanctifica? 

Henrik - The line-up is as follows: Hubertus - Guitar, vocals, Daniel - Drums, Henrik - Guitar, Aron - Keyboards, Jonathan - Bass. 

WP - I really love your "Spirit of Purity" album. It's one of those albums that gets better every time I listen to it. Now that it's been out for over a year, what kind of reactions have you heard? 

H - The responses have been mostly positive. 

WP - I read a review of "Spirit of Purity" by an internet e-zine that really tore into your album saying it was nothing but an Emperor rip-off. I myself hear some slight similarities, but I would not say rip-off. How do you feel about comments like this and does it upset you as a band? 

H - When you make an album like "Spirit" you'll have to accept comments like this. In this case it's obvious that the reviewer has spotted similarities in terms of how the album sounds rather than in harmonies and other musical elements. Any similarities in arrangements or composition are merely coincidal. 

WP - You all have been quite busy website, doing a split with Pantokrator, searching for a clean vocalist, and working on a new album. When do you guys expect to release your next full length album? 

H - The release has been set, preliminary, to the 8th of March. Hopefully we'll manage to get it out to the stores by then. 

WP - What can we expect on this new release? Obviously incorporating a clean vocalist will change things, but will this still be black metal or are we in for big surprises? 

H - Obviously, the music has to develop and the new material is an effect of that. You will probably recognize the composing style of Sanctifica even though new elements are added to our sound. However, we consider the term "black metal" a somewhat incorrect label to our music. I'm sure you'll find tracks that will surprise you but hopefully you'll make yourself at home. 

WP - Any comments you'd like to make to Sanctifica fans out there? 

H - Thank you for supporting us. We'll do our best to support you! Hopefully we'll have the honour of meeting you all at future gigs. Don't forget to visit our homepage and make your own comment on Sanctifica. See ya!