Saint - Warriors of the Son


Back in 1984 Stryper changed their name from Roxx Regime and released their "Yellow & Black Attack" EP, at the same time in another part of the early Christian metal scene Saint changed their name from The Gentiles (who originally formed in 1981) and released their "Warrior's Of The Son" EP.  Coincidence?  These albums are nowhere near being similar.  This album is much heavier and non-commercial.  Though not quite as good as their next few albums, this one is still worth having for real Saint fans.  Musically this album really rocks and the lyrics are of the "fire and brimstone" type.  The album was not originally released on CD and it was another one that I had to "special order."  The cassette I have has three different "record" names (Quicksilver, Rotton and Morada) and there's also no lyrics on the inside cover.  This album was re-released and remastered on the double CD release mentioned in the "Time's End" review and also was re-released by M8 with the original cover and four demo songs from The Gentiles 1981 demo.  Best songs: "Legions of The Dead," "Warriors of The Son," and "Time's Wasting".  (Review by Gary)