Saint - Too Late for Living


Three years after the release of Time's End, here's what many thought would be Saint's final album.  The main difference between this album and Time's End is the drumming.  All of Saint's albums had different drummers and on this release the drumming is better and faster.  There is also a cleaner, fuller sound, too.  While most of the songs are darker like with their previous albums, you'll find a few not-so-dark songs like "The Rock," "On The Street" and "The War Is Over."  Saint always had very artistic lyrics, so it's best to think about what they're singing to understand what message they're conveying and you'll see that there's actually a positive Christian message there.  Something we had not seen from Saint shows up on this album, an instrumental called "The Return."  While they've had some different musician line-ups, on their first three albums the lead singer, Josh Kramer, who has one of the best voices, stayed the same.  Saint never really had a commercial sound, they had their sound and that's what really set them apart.  Saint did re-form in 1999, to release The Perfect Life which was supposed to be the follow-up album over a decade ago, but the release ended up being a disappointment to many Saint fans with a different line-up and their classic sound and lead singer were not found on the album.  Too Late For Living was re-released on the double CD mentioned in the Time's End review and also re-released as a single album with the original artwork.  Although the original on Pure Metal is extremely hard to find, the re-release is still quite easy to find and totally worth getting.  Best songs:  "Star Pilot," "The Rock," and "The War Is Over".  (Review by Gary)