Sacred Warrior - Wicked Generation


This is Sacred Warrior's third album.  I really didn't know what to think when I first listened to it back in '90.  It was very different than their first two albums since they wrote about some tough issues on this one.  They have been compared to Queensryche.  Yes, they do sound a lot like them, but I would say they're more in the same catagory (music-wise) - Power Metal, rather than a copycat.  After listening to Wicked Generation several times, it really grew on me and has ended up becoming my favorite Sacred Warrior album.  The sound on this album is different than any other band I've heard, the way the guitars (by Bruce Swift) are tuned and processed are so unique and extremely well played.  They use some sound effects that connect one song to the next.  Some of the tunes are energetic, while others have a cool blend of fast and slow tempos.  Wicked Generation is very artistic, lyrically direct and the type of album you just have to listen to again and again. Best songs: "Minister By Night," "Miss Linda," "In The Night," and "War Torn Hero".  (Review by Gary)