Sacred Warrior - Obsessions


Here is the fourth album from this classic band.  One thing you'll notice
about Sacred Warrior is their sound quality.  On this album the mix is
different, not a bad mix, just different.  While the album could have used
a better bass sound, the balance of the instruments and vocals are great.
It sounds as though they had some "limiters" set just a little to strong,
which at times kind of takes away some of the punch the album should have had.  I have listened to Obsessions and Wicked Generation many times and I've tried, but still can't decide which album is my favorite.  While Wicked Generation dealt with more tough issues, this album covered some topics that Christians can easily identify with, or Christian-type issues, so-to-speak.  The album kicks off with a great upbeat tune called "Wings of A Dream" which is one of those songs that you just can't help but enjoy with it's positive outlook on the present and future.  One song on the album that practically every Christian can identify with is "Turning Back."  This song deals with the topic of back-sliding and returning (turning back) to your faith and walk.  It is my all-time favorite Sacred Warrior tune.  The title track deals with the topics of people being
obsessed with power & money and how they can control you.  Another track called "Remember Me" is taken from the story (or perspective) of one of the thief's on the cross that told Jesus to remember him.  The harmonies on this song are great.  You'll also see some of the root sounds of Sacred Warrior on a few tunes on this release; like the double bass drum.  You can't help but enjoy the drumming heard on any Sacred Warrior release.  As you get towards the last few songs of the album, you'll enjoy the tune "Temples On Fire," which after you've gone through the back-sliding brought up earlier and get back to being the Christian you know you want to be, you'll find very refreshing.  Listening to the final track "Mad Man" the thought comes to mind...some bands have repeated what worked in the past and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn' this case it does!  "Mad Man" is very similar in style to "War Torn Hero" (heard on Wicked Generation)...the music is upbeat until about the middle where we hear a slowed-down part with just drums, acoustic guitars and vocals similar to "War Torn Hero" and the lyrics and harmonies can send chills up your spine.  This is one band that had a perfect chemistry of music, harmonies and lyrics.  Best songs: "Turning Back," "Remember Me," and "Mad Man"  (Review by Gary)