Rivera Bomma - Invisible Force


Well, for some reason, I've had a hard time getting in the mood to review this disc.  I've listened to it a bunch, but "the inspiration" never hit me and I kept saying "I'll do it tomorrow".  Not that the band is bad by any means.  Maybe it's just me being in a funk or something.
Anyways...Rivera Bomma is made up of only two members: Rod Rivera and John Bomma.  Both are classically trained and display their talent throughout the 11 songs on this disc.  The band plays an interesting mix of melodic metal that mixes the styles and influences of bands like Dio, Narnia, Shadow Gallery, Visionary, and the guitar playing of Santana.
The guitar playing is probably what stands out the most on this disc.  Whether is the fast riffing, the soaring guitar solos, or even the beautiful acoustic work that shows up in many of the songs, it is all fantastically done.  The instrumental "Eclectic" is one of my favorites on the disc, which is saying a lot since I usually dislike instrumentals.  Switching back and forth between the metal solos and the latin-flavored acoustic playing, the song takes you on an adventure-filled five minute journey. 
Another standout song is the opener "Victory" and it's fast riffing that starts it out, reminding me of Narnia's speedier material.  This song along with many of the other songs incorporate some really good keyboard sounds.   
The vocals on this song, along with on the most of the album are very strong.  Bomma has a great voice.  Nothing exceptionally different to anyone else in the genre, but a solid voice that seems to fit perfectly with their style, whether its on an aggressive song or a soft ballad.  Speaking of ballads, they do a really good one called "Cry of Love".  They give us an electric version and an acoustic version that closes the disc.
This album didn't really grab me the first time I heard it.  In fact, before receiving it I heard a track on the web and didn't like it at all.  However, this is a disc that you gotta give some time.  Musically, lyrically, and production-wise, they do a fine job.  I think that most fans of melodic metal should really enjoy this.  (Review by Matt)