Resurrection Band - Colours


When you talk about the great history of music made by Christians, you can't help but mention one of the most influencial bands of the past - Resurrection Band.  The band was fronted by the well-known Glenn Kaiser and his wife Wendy, and overall the group lasted for over 25 years.  The band stormed onto the scene with two fantastic albums, Awaiting Your Reply and Rainbow's End (my favorite RB disc).  The band even went out on a high note with the great albums, Reach of Love and Lament.  What happened in-between is equally noteable though. 
One of the band's most famous albums was 1980's, Colours, which is now being re-issued by Retroactive Records.  This '70's styled, blues-influenced hard rock/metal band wore their heart on their sleeve on this album, just as they always did with every release.  Speaking on a level that let their listeners know that they were no high and mighty rock stars, but humble men and women that understood the plight of the "little man" and realized man's desparate need for a Saviour.  They poured out their hearts in their music and lyrics and always seemed to come across as honest and sincere as they pleaded the case of Christ.
They weren't the best band at their craft, but they were a gritty, hard-working band that earned the respect of everyone who heard their music.  Their hard rock style coupled with the raspy vocals of Kaiser fit in well with the styles of that day in time.
Production is decent on the album, but sometimes suffers from a somewhat thin sound.  Packaging, while simple, includes the original cover art along with lyrics to all songs.  There are even some added specials on the disc, like pictures from the original LP, a history of the band written by Mark Allan Powell, and a tribute to the band written by Doug Van Pelt of HM Magazine.
Best songs on the disc would be "An American Dream", "N.Y.C.", and the amazing tune,"The Struggle", with it's galloping rhythms and passionate vocal performance.
Thanks goes out to Retroactive Records for keeping this classic alive.  Be on the lookout as the label will also soon be re-releasing the band's album, DMZ.  (Review by Matt)