Random Eyes - Eyes Ablaze


One thing that is lacking in Christian music is high quality bands with female lead singers.  There are a few good ones, but not much to speak of for the most part. 
This seven piece Finnish band plays a hard rock/melodic metal style (with some occasional '80's influences that pop up) that shows that there is still hope out there for Christian bands with female singers.  The lead vocals here are actually a duo of Katja Rimpelainen and Christian Palin, with Katja handle the majority of the duties.  Both of them however have excellent voices and seem to have very good range.  Either one of them sound good whether singing pretty or aggressive.
The music is pretty heavy for the most part, and the band is nice and tight and really sucks you into each song.  The songs themselves are very catchy and will have you headbanging or singing along to the hook-filled choruses...or both.  While not as good as a band like Nightwish or Lacuna Coil, they should appeal to fans of either band or even fans of Balance of Power's style.  The band gets somewhat aggressive sometimes, but I'd really love to hear the aggression level pumped up a bit more.
Lyrically, the band is not ashamed in any way of their faith in Christ, and they actually touch on a wide range of subjects with well-written and well-thought out lyrics that are sung with great passion.  Production and artwork are also well done.
Overall, I can see room for this band to improve upon their sound, but this is a group that has great potential and I'm very excited to hear where they go from here.  (Review by Matt)