Rage of Angels - s/t


Here is an album every Christian metal head should have in their collection.  It's fantastic, blistering hair band metal.  You can't help but crank this one up.  This is a band that could have been huge, especially if they had been distributed to the secular market.  It's very comparable to all (and even better than some) of the 80's hair bands of the time.  Well written songs, excellent production, awesome hooks, riffs, solos, you name it, it's on this album.  Just like their sound, their lyrics are right from the heart of the late 80's.  The only thing this album lacks is a ballad, and that's not a bad thing, it's rockin' all the way through.  The tune "Rock For The Rock" sounds like a song Stryper could have done around their "Soldiers Under Command" days.  Until recently, this album was extremely hard to find.  If you run across it, don't pass it up.  It's one you won't regret getting.  Unfortunetly, this was their only release.  They broke up and some of the members went on to form Steelheart.  Ironically the last song on the album is called "Don't Give Up."  Best songs:  "Hooked On A Good Thing," "Do You Still Believe In Love," and "Are You Ready For Thunder".  (Review by Gary)