Prison - Demo 2004


This is a very non-flashy, 3 song, CD-R demo that I got in the mail from the new Swedish band Prison.  Prison was formed in 2004 after the breakup of the band Acer in 2003.  According to the info that was sent along with the CD, the singer on this demo joined the band just one week before they recorded the demo.
Musically the band plays '80's styled melodic power metal with a good amount of keyboards.  They list their influences as Stryper, Talisman, and Skid Row.  I don't hear Stryper at all in any of this and of the three I'd say they are closest to Talisman.  If you have heard the Finnish band Oratorio, I'd say they are a cross between Oratorio and Talisman.  However, Prison has a long way to go before riveling either of those bands.  The band has some decent chops musically and have a good base to build off of, but vocally they need some serious help.  I understand they only had a week with their new singer before recording this, but by the sounds of things they should have waited more than a week.  I think this particular singer may work out, but he needs to add some doses of attitude, passion, and confidence to his singing.  His voice sounds kinda shaky sometimes, like he is afraid to let loose and give it his all. 
Of the three songs here, I think the opener "Don't Give it Up" would be the standout cut.  It has a little better energy than the other two songs and the chorus is kinda catchy, so I found myself singing along after just a few listens.
Production is decent for a demo and packaging is as basic as it cover art, no lyrics, etc.  To find out more about the band, go to or e-mail the band at: 
Decent start for this band.  I'd suggest some serious practicing with the vocals for starters and they'll be off to a good start for their next recording.  (Review by Matt)