Parca Pace - s/t


I first heard Parca Pace on Endtime Productions' In the Shadow of Death compilation.  They had a short 90 second track to begin the album.  I loved that short track so much that I had to find out what this band was all about. 
Parca Pace is a side project of Jan Carleklev of Sanctum.  The influence of Sanctum is felt in this project at times, but overall it's a completely different feel.  The album was also produced by Samuel Durling of Mental Destruction, so you know that the combination of those two minds is guaranteed to produce a quality release.
This self-titled release comes in a mostly plain white cardboard sleeve with a picture of a factory and with two picture inserts of some factory type workers.  What this release lacks in packaging surely makes up for in music though.  The album consists of one 50 minute track.  That track however goes through so many changes and mood swings that when the album is done, it doesn't even seem like it's been 50 minutes.  It never gets boring in the slightest.  The sound is a mix of many genres ranging from industrial to dark ambient to even some tribal beats.  The mechanical-like industrial sounds are harsh at times, but never as extreme as say, Mental Destruction.  The ambient sounds are beautiful and emotional and include probably the heaviest part of the Sanctum influence.  The general feel of the album musically can be very hypnotic at times.   As far as vocals go, there are very few on this mainly instrumental track.  But the few shouts and chants that make it here are all perfectly placed. 
This release takes much patience, but if you are a fan of of any of Jan Carleklev's material (Sanctum, Azure Skies, Mago, etc..), I can't see you not loving this release.  I'd say that anyone into anything inbetween Mental Destruction and Raison d'Etre can find something to like here.  Here's hoping that more Parca Pace releases are in the future.  (Review by Matt)