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Mordecai Interview - Added 11/14/01

The Whipping Post - So who is now in the band Mordecai? 

Petri - Current line up is: Petri (lead vocals & guitar), Miika (bass), Mika (guitar,synths & programming, backing vocals) and at last we have a new drummer Vesa. He's been playing with us since July. 

WP - I absolutely love your material on the split with Immortal Souls. You've also recently recorded a song for the Living Sacrifice tribute album. How did that go, and did it feel good to get some news music out to the fans after such a long spell, even if it was a cover song? 

P - The LS cover was interesting thing to do. We've always liked LS and our favorite album is Inhabit, the choice was easy after we heard which songs were already taken. It was intentional to pick a quite slow paced track, 'cause it's quite the opposite from what our songs are nowadays. We took the song, made some little changes and added our own elements. The result should be interesting. It was good for us to get at least something released since it's been a while since the split cd was released and its been sold out for a long time. We didn't have Vesa with us when we recorded the song so we got a help from Johny Pesonen, the 
guy who played drums on Deuteronomium's (R.I.P.) CD EP 'Tribal Eagle'. 

WP - You guys have material done for a full-length album according to your website. Have you all recorded anything yet or are things still on hold? 

P - No, we haven't recorded anything at any studio, except A LOT of demo tracks at our rehearsal place. There's a lot of material, way over an album. We will record the material when we are ready. 

WP - What can we expect on this new release? Will you guys continue with extreme black metal or shall we expect, say, a country album? :) 

P - We will continue with extreme metal, compared to the split cd material; add synths, melodies, speed, brutality, clean vocals, add everything and you get some picture of what to expect. 

WP - Any comments you'd like to make to Mordecai fans out there? 

P - If you wait for our new material, keep patient, new release IS coming. The wait is worth it.