Mirador - The Azrael Tales

Rivel Records


With all the blockbuster releases coming out on Rivel Records at the first of 2005 (Divinefire, Crimson Moonlight, Audiovision), it would be easy to overlook a little-known band called Mirador. Whatever you do, don’t make that mistake. Mirador dishes out some very solid melodic metal in the vein of Candlemass or Queensryche with elements of numerous other bands scattered throughout.  I could easily see fans of bands like Narnia, Balance of Power, United States of Mind, and even open-minded Magdalen and Saviour Machine fans enjoying Mirador. 
The band incorporates some gothic and doom elements throughout the album, along with some orchestration, acoustic guitar intros and outros, and even some subtle electronica parts.  As far as the musicianship on this disc goes, it is fabulous.  These guys are top notch musicians.  The vocals are passionate and very well executed.  And the production makes this an album one that you can’t help but crank.  Lyrics and packaging also follow along the lines of well-done.  Top songs are hard to pick as every song is excellent, but I'd have to go with "Phoenix Syndrome", "No Loss Cut", "Post Believers", and "Perfect Plan."  Too difficult to narrow it down any further than that. 
Mirador may not be well-known at the moment, but this is heavy, epic, and sweeping metal that deserves its day in the limelight.  (Review by Matt)