Metamorphosis - Industrial Remixes Compilation


What we have here is a re-release of the classic Metamorphosis album that was originally released on REX Records back in 1993.  Retroactive Records made the decision to give this hard to find album a second chance at life and fans of these bands could not be happier.
The album contains 14 song by three bands.  The first 4 songs are by the industrial metal band Brainchild.  Two of the songs, "Deviate" and "Descend" have been remixed.  The other two are both previously unreleased songs called "Heldweller" and "Nihilistic Void", which are great, heavy tunes.  Brainchild was known for their brutal guitars along with processed vocals, tons of samples and industrial noise.  The songs here all sound very good and even heavier than the album versions.  The original Brainchild album would eventually become the second album by Circle of Dust.
The next 5 songs are by Living Sacrifice.  Two of their songs off of Nonexistent are given industrial remixes here..."Void Expression" and "Distorted".  They also include one previously unreleased song called "Desolate" and two previously unreleased instrumentals called "Black Veil" and "Sacrificed" that are actually based on elements of previous songs the bands had recorded.  "Desolate" is in the vein of the other material that was on Nonexistent.
The final 5 songs are all by Circle of Dust.  This industrial hybrid band garnered quite a following in the early '90's.  They have three remixed songs here, "Dissolved" and two versions of "Consequence".  They also have a previously unreleased song called "Self Inflict" that is much heavier then what you'd find on their self-titled album.  They end it with another previously unreleased song called "Daraq" that sounds really haunting.
Retroactive did a great job with this re-release.  Lyrics are included for most of the songs, and there is even a little history write-up about the release and the three bands.  This is a fantastic album that should appeal to metal and industrial fans.  Thanks goes out to Retroactive for making this available again.  (Review by Matt)