Megiddon - Incidents Before the Time


It took numerous listens to really begin forming any kind of opinion about this band.  However, I'm really starting to enjoy them.  I often find myself singing their songs in my head after listening (and that's a good thing).  Megiddon plays a weird mix of technical death metal, with a touch of black metal that appears mainly in the vocals.  Markus Korri's vocals sound like the agonizing screams of someone being strangled to death.  Actually, if you remember the dude from the old punk band One Bad Pig...imagine him singing like that, but trying to shriek like a black metal vocalist.  It kinda reminds me of that, but in a good way.  He also uses some clean vocals in the final two cuts on the disc.
Musically, they are heavy and sometimes chaotic, while still having a control about them.  While they can get aggressive, I think they could stand to be much more aggressive.  They use some well-placed keyboards at times, but nothing excessive.  This is a band that has some talent and could really go places.
The intro "Time of Depature", and first two full songs "Incidents Before the Time" and "This Chaotic World" are really good, with the title track having a little bit of a Cradle of Filth feel to it.  I originally didn't like the fourth track "A Prayer of Help in Despondency", but its grown on me too.  It kinda reminds me of "A Father's Mourning" by Schaliach.  It's kind've a slow and somber song, with clean spoken vocals in sort of a prayer to God.
Production is very good and the package is nicely done for an indie.  You can pick up this Finnish band's five song EP at  (Review by Matt)