Liptocoal - Fly

Shindig Music


For those fans that miss the days when Marco was in P.O.D., this band may provide some comfort for you.  Some of the screams that Liptocoal pull off sound like dead-ringers for Marco’s great screams in some of the P.O.D. classics.  Overall, this band should appeal nicely to fans of bands like P.O.D., Project 86, and similar bands.  There are a lot of lame attempts to copy those two bands out there…and I’m not saying this band does that…but at least they pull off a decent sound.  The music is energetic and heavy and the vocals are aggressive and well done.  This band could almost be labeled praise music in a way cause some of their lyrics are VERY bold and would be similar to what you would find in some of the modern praise and worship of today.  The downside of this would be that non-Christians who are attracted by the band’s music will probably shy away after hearing what the band is singing about.  But hey, we aren’t here to be people pleasers are we?  The band also includes some clips of some Pentecostal preacher in a few songs that break things up a bit and add a cool twist. 


Packaging and production are good quality, and speaking of production, the name Tim Bushong (Channelsurfers, Lovewar) should ring a bell.


This musical style is not something I can listen to on an everyday basis, but when I’m in the mood this isn’t a bad CD to pull out.  I’d be curious to hear how good their next release is and whether or not they garner some of the attention that some of their genre’s related bands are getting these days.  (Review by Matt)