Indwelling - And My Eye Shall Weep


Some fans complain about bands taking too long to release albums.  Well, in this case the band has the biggest reason for complaining.  Indwelling's  And My Eye Shall Weep should've been released about....gosh....about 2 years ago it seems.  Regardless, it's a been a long time.  The disc was supposed to be released on Clenchedfist Records and the band really got screwed over and it never happened.  They received attention from another label that wanted to release it but then that fell through.  Finally, after the band has broken up and moved on, Facedown Records finally picked up the ball and did what no other label had the balls to do. 
It's a shame that this released was delayed so long, but in the end, metal lovers will have the attitude of "better late than never".  Indwelling is made up of former members of the metalcore band Overcome.  Overcome was one of the most respected and underrated bands in metalcore/hardcore before they broke up and Indwelling will also command respect.
This is one of the few bands that I seriously think can cross genres and truthfully attract fans from both sides.  The band plays ultra-brutal and technical death metal, but mixes in some very slight hardcore influences occasionally.  However, unlike most bands that mix these two styles, Indwelling lets the metal rule and not the hardcore.  For those that love metal and tire of all the metalcore bands out there, Indwelling is not really metalcore at all and should not be brushed aside just because a majority hardcore/metalcore label is releasing it.  Remember, that Clenchedfist originally had the rights and they were a mostly metal label releasing albums by Kekal, early Soul Embraced, and Perpetual Flame (well, that is another story that never happened either...but it will soon.)
Like I said, Indwelling lays down some killer metal that literally pummells you from beginning to end with the exception of the very haunting acoustic track "In Your Protection" that ends the disc.  Thomas Washington's vocals are terrific and of the deep growling variety, so don't expect a bunch of hardcore screaming or Zao-sound alike vocals.  Occasionally, he'll break into a semi-hardcore scream ala Spitfire, but the growls are the norm.
Indwelling doesn't mess around much with the slow stuff, as they bombard you will blastbeats, double bass, and lightning fast guitars, combined with crushing riffs.  This is definitely not an album to fall asleep too.  My only gripe would be that sometimes there could be a little more variety from song to song, but this is not a problem to dwell on.
This ten song disc only runs about 31 minutes, but it's an exhausting 31 minutes that doesn't make you feel ripped off, despite the short running time.  The package is nothing elaborate, but very nicely done.  Production is pretty decent, although the drum sound gets on my nerves at times as they incorporate a trash can lid sound occasionally.
Lyrically, Indwelling holds up the very high standard that Overcome was known for.  And one side note is the cool song titles like "Throats as Open Graves", "The Breath of He Who Kills", "And My Eye Shall Weep", etc...
Kudos again to Facedown for making this release available to the masses!  Overcome fans will probably be able to get into Indwelling despite the difference in genre just because of their loyalty to the band members.  So, Indwelling allows metal and hardcore fans least for today...feel a warm, squishy bond.  (Review by Matt)