Holy Soldier - Last Train


Last Train is the second release from this extremely talented "hair metal" band.  While their sound and most of the band line-up (except for one member) stayed the same, the lyrics went a more mainstream route.  No, there's nothing offensive on this album.  Most of the songs don't really deal with Christian themes, but just are NOT just a bunch of filler/lame material.  The lyrics are very poetic and honest.  Whether it's dealing with who you really are ("Virtue & Vice") or a broken relationship ("Crazy") or even a current relationship ("Love Is On The Way") you'll see that these guys could write songs that could have been huge in the secular market...they had the look and sound.  You'll also hear a cover of the Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter."  I've heard a few different covers & the original of this song and I have to say, hands down, this is the best version of this song that I've heard!  One song that stands out on this album, mostly due to it's sound, is "Fairweather Friend", which actually has an early Stryper-type sound.  The two most spiritual tunes on this release are "Hallows Eve" and "Last Train."  Hallow's Eve speaks of Jesus' return.  "Last Train" is one of my favorites...it is a very artistic song that talks about going to Heaven...taking that "one way ride to the other side."  If you enjoyed the sound on Holy Soldier's self-titled album, you'll easily enjoy Last Train as well...and it was again produced by David Zaffiro.  You can't go wrong with a band this talented and Stephen Patrick on lead vocals.  Since this album is out of print, it can be pricey, so if you've not added this one to your collection yet, shop around...and even if you have to pay a little extra to get it, it'll be worth the few extra dollars.  Best songs: "Virtue & Vice," "Crazy" and "Last Train"  (Review by Gary)