Grand Lux - Iron Will

Sand Records


When you think of music from Norway, most often, black metal will come to mind.  However, the band Grand Lux is trying to change that impression.  This five-man Norwegian band dishes out an excellent power metal/hard rock sound that grows on you a great deal with multiple listens.  On the first listen I wasn't all that crazy about this band.  However, after the last week or so of listening I've really grown to love them.
I think the thing that makes me like this band so much is the passion with which they deliver each and every song.  Obviously, a big part of the passion has to do with the powerful vocals of Phil Goode.  You can just feel him singing with every bit of feeling within him.  His vocals are a tad difficult to get used to (he sounds a little nasally at times), but I think most fans of this genre of music will enjoy them.
The music itself is very addicting.  The mega-heavy guitars, screaming guitar solos, and thunderous drums combine with Goode's vocals to create a sound that gets better with each spin of the disc.  And the huge choruses with well-executed background vocals enhance the songs and make them very memorable.  Fans of Judas Priest, Dio, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, and Stryper should find stuff to like on this album.  In fact, at times Goode's vocals sound like they have a little bit of Michael Sweet attitude to them.  And even though they don't much sound alike, their swagger as a band when they play reminds me of the Swedish band, Oratorio.
Production and packaging are very nicely done.  The CD booklet has great live photos of all the band members.  Speaking of which...I hear the band has a killer live show.  Picking best songs is tough, but I'd have to go with "Heartless Place", "Out of Control", and "The End is Near."
I must say that I have really enjoyed the last week of listening to this disc a million times getting ready for this review.  Grand Lux has made me a fan for sure.  Check out for more info.  You can also pick this disc up at .  (Review by Matt)