Global Warning - Digital Black


Global Warning hails from Seattle, Washington and if you been to the Nightmare Records website lately, you might have noticed seeing this band's CD's for sale there.  The band recently signed a two year distribution deal with Nightmare for their sophomore album Digital Black.
Musically, the band is a mixture of nu-metal with some classic metal influences at times.  They sport a pretty heavy sound with some big riffs and big grooves.  Nothing really all that flashy, but solid.  Their sound gets a little monotonous by time you get to the end of the disc.  I guess that makes it good that this album is just slightly over 30 minutes.  They just don't excercise a lot of variation within each song.  
Vocally, they sound fairly similar to James Hetfield of Metallica.  Not exactly an original style by any means, but at least they do a decent job of executing this style of singing.  Sometimes the vocalist cuts loose and gets pretty aggressive, but at other times it seems as if he's just going through the motions.  
Production is good for an indie, but packaging is pretty plain.  No lyrics in the liner or on their website that I could find.  If you are a fan of the nu-metal style, or bands like Metallica, Eternal Decision, or maybe even Faithbomb you may dig this.  Not a bad effort by any means, just not something that I'm gonna listen to everyday.  Go more metallic and add a higher level of aggression and energy to go along with the hefty riffs and I might be open to what's on the plate for their next disc.  (Review by Matt)