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Frost Like Ashes Interview - Added 03/01/02

Whipping Post: Tell me a little bit about the history of Frost Like Ashes? Who are the members? How did the band come about?

Sebat: I've always been a musician, and when I got saved it was so hard for me to put it down and pursue God instead of Music. I was able to do, and yet I constantly prayed not only for bands but that I would have one someday. I have had some crazy stuff happen to me in the last 5 years or so, a couple of guitars given to me and such. But it was quite awhile before I was able to put a band together. Anyway, I finally felt a release (spiritual talk for it felt like time) to get it all together so I started to inquire of who in the world liked metal! I love many types of music but it burns inside of me to play some metal. Syntyche had been helping me put on some concerts (Extol, Selfmindead, Lutikriss) and we tried to start FLA with a couple friends but that didn't work out right. I was introduced to Azahel thru one of the bands that played a show at my church (Manifest To Destroy), and that's is how we started to talk. Actually it really seems as if Azahels vision and mine were quite alike. So we started putting up flyers for players and finally got a call from a drummer. Now Connard didn't work out as the FLA drummer but ended up being the guy who recorded our first mp3 release "Immortals". Adonijah was an old friend of Azahel's and his band Steadfast had decided to go thier separate ways so he decided to join with us and we have been writing material since.

Frost Like Ashes is: 
Azahel - Vocals, Adonijah - Drums (and Keys), Syntyche - Bass, Sebat - Lead Guitars

WP: You mentioned to me that the band consists of former members of the metal band Possession. Since you guys use nicknames for Frost Like Ashes, could you let us in on who in the band was involved in Possession and what were the names they used then?

Sebat: Azahel was the singer in Possession, Adonijah was the Drummer.

WP: I used to be a big fan of Possession and I still enjoy listening to "Eternally Haunt". Why did the band break up?

Sebat: The lack of a bass player definitely had something to do with this.

WP: Now that you're sick of talking about your old band, what is Frost Like Ashes up to lately? Working on new material?

Sebat: Yes, we are currently working on a 3 song demo (pure as the blood covered snow) to be done and released by June! Also we are going to be recording a song and putting it on a SOTD Records release. (The Christmas Comp)

WP: You have a new mp3 up with help for the Dead E-Zine called "Immortals" (which I really like!). How has that song been received?

Sebat: Great so far. The only problem is the fact that the production was a little sub-par so it doesn't sound the greatest. Although I think if you have an ok stereo and crank it loud it sounds really cool! It was only meant to be a demo and won't be found anywhere but !
At last count (around a month after being put online) we had 310 downloads, but I really would like to see that up over 1000 soon. I think that we are a seasoned band who have what people long for in the Extreme Metal scene! Anyway, I challenge you to download the song and see if you like it!

WP: How would you describe you new material for your upcoming album?

Sebat: The new material is alot more aggressive than "Immortals" is! "Immortals" was the first song that FLA wrote together as a band and it was sort of thrown together so that we would have something to play at practice! The newer songs are a little bit more thought out and may have a bit more extremes in them. I think that people are going to love our song "Adorers of Blood" which has a real Slayeresque feel to it in parts. Then again we have "A Cruel Verse" which seems to be a blast beat extravaganza. I think that fans of Black and Death style metal will be pleased. Besides we do have Azahel who does seem to have more range in his vocals than about anyone I have ever heard. That means that you probably won't get bored listening to them.

WP: You hang out at the Black Horse Inn a lot. How do you like the atmosphere at that messageboard and how would you rate the conversation that takes place there?

Sebat: I like the Black Horse Inn alot. I find out about a ton of bands there and it seems to be a pretty cool online community. I think that communities like that are important to Christians who like metal, we do need a place to talk to someone who is like minded musically. 

WP: What are some of your favorite bands?

Sebat: Antestor, Extol, Immortal Souls, Drottnar, Sanctifica (old), Shadows fall, Oblation, Death List, 

WP: What do you think of the state of extreme metal today? What do you see in the future?

Sebat: I think that extreme metal has gotten a bit stagnant. Black Metal was such a breath of fresh air and honestly there are some truly monster players in the death metal realm, but it all seems to lack somthing. I love the excellence that Extol plays with and the anointing that Drottnar has is amazing!!! And yet I think that extreme Metal must go to a new level, (And I am seeking that with everything I got). I pray that God would give us songs from Heaven (Heaven will be filled with the best of all metal) and I believe that the Lord will make a way for songs and creativity to be released into the Extreme Metal scene in an unprecedented way! That is my prayer and my belief!!! I long to see the hordes of godless pagans run to Christ with tear filled eyes and repentant hearts and for the Church to rise up and embrace them as they come in! 

WP: What is the main purpose of Frost Like Ashes?

Sebat: We play music with all of our heart! 

WP: Seeing as how you guys live in Kansas and you hope to do some live shows someday soon, any chance of you coming down to Oklahoma City for a show?

Sebat: Yeah we would love to come and play. We won't be playing live much until after our first full length is finished though!

WP: Who do you say that Jesus Christ is?

Sebat: Jesus Christ is my Saviour, Lord, and my Friend! I am so grateful for the chance that I have had to get to know God. His word is amazing and His mercy is simply the most fantastic thing I have ever encountered! Jesus is my all and my hope is in Him!

WP: Any final comments?

Sebat: Yeah, Thanks for the Interveiw! I hope it blessed you as much as it blessed me! Stay heavy! And everyone feel free to email me anytime 

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