Frosthardr - Necrodisaster


You know, I really couldn't tell you which cover is the front artwork for this album.  One side looks like this white blur with the barely visable band logo that you'd assume is the cover.  The other side is black with the song titles.  However, when I received the CD in the mail, the black side was facing forward.  Anyways...regardless of which side the artwork should be facing, we turn our gaze north to Norway to find the black metal band Frosthardr. 
Frosthardr brings us this very short 8 minute and 18 second EP with two new, old style black metal songs to make us wonder if this is "all she wrote" or if it's just a teaser before the band releases something longer than it takes to reheat last nights leftovers.
Song one is titled in Norwegian as "Frostens Grimme Klor Om Vinternatten Holder".  Don't ask me to translate there, but the song itself is really nothing but an average black metal song with scary vocals and little character.  There are no keyboards to speak of in either song, so purists should at least be happy that this is not another symphonic black metal band.  The second song "Unhuman Morbid Fantasy" is a better song in my opinion.  The song is very bombastic and instead of images of headbanging you tend to think of people swinging their head back and forth from side to side with hair flying everywhere with this tune.
Overall, a decent CD that may or may not be worth the $5.00 price tag.  Production is far from perfect, but not to bad.  Artwork is simple and basically unimpressive with no lyrics or liner notes to speak of...only a link to Nordic Mission and to a band site that no longer exists.  The band does have some potential though, so if you see a full length in the future, I'd at least give it a chance.  (Review by Matt)