F.O.G. - Visibility Clearing


F.O.G. = Five Old Guys.  Once you realize that the band F.O.G. is five older rockers instead of your typical young aged band, it will be no surprise that this band plays a mixture of classic hard rock and old style heavy metal. 
Despite being "old", the guys in F.O.G. can rock pretty hard.  To get an idea of their musical style, try mixing older Resurrection Band with a little Jacob's Dream.  F.O.G. has a ways to go to reach the status of either of those two bands, but they give a good effort here.
The production is a bit of a setback on Visibility Clearing.  It's not horrible, but could stand some improvement.  Vocally, Dave Miller does an average job.  Sometimes he gets to about 75% of the emotion of Resurrection Band's Glenn Kaiser, but at other times he seems like he's just going through the motions. 
Probably the strong point of the band is when they are just jamming.  After their typical verse/chorus, verse/chorus, they do a little jam session on some songs with guitars a wailing.  A little more of this would've been very welcome.
Lyrically the band does nothing extremely creative or new here.  They are very bold for their faith in Jesus Christ though.  And their website states the fact that they are on a mission from God to share the gospel. 
F.O.G. is definitely not a band that will draw thousands of fans to a show.  But if you like old style hard rock and blues-influenced metal with Christ-centered lyrics, you'll find something to enjoy here.  Nine songs and over 45 minutes with nothing to do with rap or hardcore.  That in itself is something to cheer about!  Go to http://www.fog-rocks.com for info on ordering this disc.  (Review by Matt)