Extreme Collection Volume IV Compilation

Extreme Records


What I have here is a compilation album that was sent out with Extreme Brutal Death Magazine's latest issue.  My good friend Phil Diez (Sorrowstorm, Encryptor) sent me the issue and the CD to check out a few weeks ago.  As for the magazine, terrific job!  This is the mag's first English issue and while the English is a little choppy, you can make out most everything.  You can order a copy at: http://www.extremerecords.org .
Well as for the CD, it's basically a mix of extreme metal bands (mainly in the black and death metal genres).  Eight of the bands come from Brazil: Cerimonial Sacred, Neversatan, Baraque's Lord, Veil Torn, Belzebu Dead, Satan's Doom, Sabbatariam, and Distarnish.  Three of the bands come from the Ukraine: Holy Blood, Evroklidon, and Requital.  And one band comes from Norway: Arvinger.  Some of the bands I've heard before, and for some this is my first time.  The standout bands are all the Ukrainian and Norwegian bands and from Brazil, the standout bands would be Veil Torn, Sabbatariam, and Cerimonial Sacred.  Of the non-Brazilian bands, all of them have albums out now that I would advise getting.  Holy Blood with their folkish-influenced extreme metal, Evroklidon with their grim black metal, Requital with their death/grind, and Arvinger with their viking black metal.  Of the Brazilian bands, I'm not sure if Veil Torn and Ceremonial Sacred have albums out, but they sound pretty promising.  Sabbatariam has a split out with Demoniciduth that is average death metal, but this new song shows improvement and is very Extol influenced (Burial-era).
Production is good for some bands and worse for others.  Probably the most annoying production is Baraque's Lord's ear piercing high end and Neversatan's super wimpy guitars that were almost drowned out by the keyboards at times. 
Artwork is pretty good.  The front cover looks similar to the Northern Lights artwork that Rowe Productions put out a few years back.  The inside doesn't have lyrics, but has band pictures with contact and website info.
Not a bad compilation overall.  There are some weak bands, but also some very good ones.  The idea more than anything is to introduce readers to new bands, and that it does accomplish.  (Review by Matt)