Excurses - Devil's Footprints


You know, there are a tons of indie metal bands out there.  I've checked out many in my day and often times have came back wishing that I hadn't wasted my time.
Excurses is an indie metal band.  A death metal influenced metal band to be a little more exact.  The great point about this band is that I'm really excited that I was able to check this band out.  And instead of never returning, this will be a trip that I take quite frequently in the future. 
What we have here is a very talented foursome from Canada that pack as much energy into 22 minutes as you could imagine.  From the first song "Devil's Footprints", the band comes out with guns-a-blazin'.  This was the first song I heard from the band and I was sold after one listen.  A great metal song with tons of speed, blasting, and a terrific guitar solo.  Musically, this band is very good at what they do.  And the vocals....they are superb!  They use probably about 2 or 3 different styles of death-influenced vocals...both high (almost black sounding) and low gutteral.  They mix them together, alternating between them making for a very impressive performance.  All five tracks here are excellent, with the standouts being the title track and the very dark sounding song "Ignorance of the Lost".
Production, artwork, and lyrics are also very well done.  I guess my one complaint would be this...it's way too short!!  Hopefully, the guys have a full length coming sometime in the near future.  Definitely a band to keep your eyes on.  If you love extreme metal, I'd check out their website at: http://www.excurses.com and order a copy of this disc from the band right after you hear the mp3 of the title track and realize that my hype is dead-on.  (Review by Matt)