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Drottnar Interview - Added 11/14/01

The Whipping Post - So what is the current lineup of Drottnar? 

Drottnar - The current line-up of Drottnar is Sven-Erik Lind on vocals, Karl Fredrik Lind on guitar, Bengt Olsson on guitar and Glenn-David Lind on drums. We havent got any permanent bass player at the moment, but we hope to get one soon. 

WP - You guys released an awesome song on the Endtime Compilation called "Trellebaand Maa Briste". What kind of reaction have you guys received from fans regarding this song? 

D - We have only received quite good critics on Trellebaand maa briste so far. This may be a bit surprising due to the bad sound quality on the song. But anyway it fits quite well to the song being primitive and old school black metal. Trellebaand maa briste has been well received among fans of this kind of music. 

WP - Are their plans for a new full-length Drottnar album soon? 

D - We are currently working on material for a new release, but a full-length release wont take place in the nearest future though. This is because of an evolving process that the band has been through in the recent. Even though things have seemed quiet with Drottnar lately, we have been very active in developing the band. 

WP - What can we expect on any future projects? Will the music follow the path you took on the Endtime Compilation or will you guys surprise us with something totally different? 

D - As we mentioned, we have been through (and still are in) an evolving process. This means that our music has changed a lot since Trellebaand. Our new material has developed away from the primitive elements of black metal, and may sound more modern. Still, Drottnar defines as very extreme and dark. 

WP - I've noticed a lot of hatred on you all's website on the messageboard and the guestbook from people who don't care for the band and more specifically the message. Obviously, you must being doing something good or the enemy would not be attacking like this. Do comments like those bother the band? 

D - It does not bother as at all; since most notes seems to be unserious and ridiculous, they are just ignored. More serious questions and comments are sent to us by e-mail, which we bother to answer. Anyway, we are very conscious about what we are doing and how we appear, so we are not affected by any of these messages. 

WP - Any comments you'd like to make to Drottnar fans out there? 

D - God Bless you all, and to all our fans: Be patient