Dracma - Perfect Creation


Ok, this band has been hyped as one of the best Brazilian metal bands ever.  Hype is usually never correct, but I've still been excited about hearing Dracma's Perfect Creation.  As the intro got going my excitement level was starting to rise!  This sounds kinda like something you'd hear from a band like Therion or Tristania.  As the rest of the CD continued my excitement lessened.  Musically, the band is pretty talented, playing a good power/progressive mix.  Granted, they are not a Symphony X, but they've got some great chops.  The guitar playing is very interesting, going from a hefty crunch, to blazing fast, to screaming solos.  The keyboards are also very tastefully done.  They add great atmosphere without overdoing it like some prog and power metal bands have a tendency of doing.  However, what holds this band back is what plagues many bands - the vocals.  This guy is really hit-and-miss.  Sometimes he sounds great and at other times I'm cringing.  He sounds like Dale Thompson on occasion, especially on the song "Suffering Violence", but he never really gets in any kind of a groove.  Many times it seems like his voice has the wrong inflections at the wrong times during certain songs.  He also seems to be straining on a few instances.  Other times I think they just cram too many lyrics in too short of a space and he is left with no choice but to cram and it sounds awkward.  His vocal style has grown on me on a few songs, but for the most part this looks like what is holding this band from being a force in the metal scene.  I think with some tweaking in the vocal department this band could greatly improve, cause at times he sounds pretty strong, but the inconsistencies are too frequent to heap tons of praise on this album.


As far as the rest of the package, the production sounds really good and the packaging is top notch.  Dracma has really put a lot into this release.  Who knows, maybe I'm being a little too harsh on the vocals.  I expect that many people will not have a problem with them at all.  However, I heard hype and sometimes with that comes expectations that are too high.  I just wanted something that would blow me away in all aspects.  This didn't.  (Review by Matt)