Doulos - Oculto



It's not every day that you run across an extreme metal band from Ecuador.  But thanks to my good friend, Phil Diez (Encryptor, Sorrowstorm), I was able to get a copy of this disc to check out.
What we have here is a melodic death metal band that incorporates a little bit of doom and a little bit of black metal to their overall sound.  If I had to pick one band that they sound closest to, I would have to pick Antidemon.  Their growling vocals are very similar in style, but they also throw in some black metal shrieking on a couple songs.  They also take some influences from bands like Paramaecium and Mortification.  They will sometimes play at a slow doomy pace and then just rips into some insane blasting and grinding.  Other times they will slowly build up the pace.
Production is something holding this band back.  While it is listenable, the sound quality is just average.  However, the production quality gives them a somewhat raw/aggressive sound.  The band could stand to be a little bit tighter as well, but they do show some promise as the songs tend to get better towards the end of the album.  As the album closer the band gives us a cover version of the song "Isaiah 40:31" by Mortification.  While not as good as the original, it's a decent effort.
Packaging is simple, but not bad.  They do include the lyrics, but they are all in Spanish.  For best songs I'd go with "Delirios de la Muerte" and "Pudrica Maldicion."  And while only having six songs, the CD clocks in at over 42 minutes.  The only song that I really didn't dig too much was the title track.  It was almost 11 minutes long, but really got monotonus and boring through the middle of the song with nothing memorable to speak of.
I would say that this band is pretty much on par with most of the extreme metal bands coming out of Brazil at the moment.  Maybe a little better than some, but nothing to get overly excited about.  You can pick this up at  (Review by Matt)