Disciple - Rise Up

SRE Recordings/Epic Records


This is the first Disciple disc I’ve heard since This Might Sting a Little. Still sounds like Disciple, but this is less aggressive and more commercial. They still fall into that hard rock/semi-metal category, but the music is more catchy, melodic, and radio-friendly. Where the old stuff was almost angry and forceful with lyrics that hit you across the head like a 2x4, this is easier to digest.  The lyrics are still bold of course, but nothing that jumped out at me like their older material. The band will still occasionally knock you against the wall with powerful guitars and harsh screams.  There is a lot of great headbanging music on this disc. But they also don’t hesitate to show their softer side. For example, compare tracks 4 and 5, "Only You" and "Rise Up," in which "Only You" could land on your local contemporary Christian radio station while "Rise Up" with its Zao-like guitar tone mixed with a brutal crunch will give your grandpa a heart attack. This is good quality material here that may alienate some picky Disciple fans, but will definitely appeal to a wider audience.  My personal opinion though is that while this is a well-played and executed album, I would spend my money elsewhere.  (Review by Matt)