Die Happy - Volume II


After hearing Die Happy's first s/t album, I just had to get this one.  This album showcases four extremely talented musicians and a singer with an amazing voice.  The original bassist (Roger Dale Martin) had left the band and was replaced by Greg Chaisson who even does some of the background vocals and has a bass solo on this album.  There is a very noticeable change in the bass guitar work on this album.  The closest band to compare them to would be Led Zeppelin, it's bluesy-metal, yet they keep an original sound.  You won't find any thrash or hair band sound here, just artistic metal with a mix of blues.  This is one album you'll want to add to your collection.  I thoroughly enjoy Volume II; very well-written songs, artistic lyrics and top-quality production. Best songs: "Justified," "Love Sick Dog," and "Tear Gallery". (Review by Gary)