Deliverance - s/t


Here's the first full-length album from Deliverance.  This was released at a time when metal was huge.  This self-titled release is speed metal at it's finest.  Fronted by Jimmy P. Brown II, you hear a voice that has such a wide range, from hitting very high notes to tough metal vocal brilliance.  Convicting lyrics that make you think and music that is more-than-you-can-handle head banging.  No ballads here, but a crunchy remake of "Jehovah Jireh".  They have done a few remakes on their albums and since Deliverance is so talented they make the remakes end up sounding better than the original, they're that good.  Though they moved away from the speed metal sound a few years after this release, this album is one that never grows old.  Best songs:  "No Time," "The Call," and "No Love."  (Review by Gary)