Deliverance - Intense Live Series Volume 1


Here is the first in a five-set "live" series of bands that were on the Intense label.  The concept of this series was to capture a "live" sound with in-studio quality.  The copyright date is '93, but was recorded in '92.  I really enjoy the raw sound of the six songs on this disc - all the instruments sound different than the original songs.  The "in studio" sound bites in between are humorous and help you picture the guys in the studio just jammin' away.  You can even hear them laughing during "This Present Darkness."  This album contains another remake; "Surrender" originally done by Stryper.  Featuring early tunes from their self-titled through "Stay Of Exectution," this live album is essential for real Deliverance fans.  Very enjoyable to listen to, but ends way to soon, total time 28:08 and that includes the in-studio sound clips.  Best songs: "Surrender," "The Call," "This Present Darkness." (Review by Gary)