Deborah - The Song of Deborah


From Mexico, comes an all female extreme metal band called Deborah.  Deborah plays a mix of black and death metal with a bit of an Exousia influence (which makes sense seeing that one of the members is also in Exousia).  Being an all female band, they hold their own pretty well. 
The title track starts the album and finds a pretty cool tune with somewhat inconsistent production, but a fairly good sound.  The vocals are a little above average and you can't really tell at all that it's a female singing.  There's some pretty decent leads here with some lightening fast double bass.  Not bad.
Songs two and three are cover songs.  Neither being really close to as good as the originals, but both are pretty good efforts.  The first is "Christ Mass" orginally by Immortal Souls.  The second is "Spell of Hell" originally by Deuteronomium.  "Spell of Hell" is actually sung in Spanish on this cut.
Song four on the back cover is called "Sangre de Pacto" and is supposed to be the final song, but that song is not listed in the lyrics inside and in place of it is three songs (for a total of six).  All of which are sung in Spanish.  One of the three being a cover of the Exousia song "Bebed Mi Sangre" which is sung by the same member here that also sings it in Exousia.  Track number 4 is a song called "Gotas Ardientes".  It's starts out all mellow and pretty and then rips in the black vocals with crunchy guitars, even a little blasting.  Then everything is ruined by going back to the soft and pretty sound with clean female singing.  Then back to the extreme, etc...  Not necessarily a bad thing to do, but it sounds like they are two different songs instead of one song flowing seamlessly.  Almost like they cut from another song and pasted it into this one.  The second clean female singing even sounds a bit out of the singers range as it gets pretty high.  The heavy parts of the songs are enjoyable though!
So overall, you get three original songs and three cover songs on this 30 minute...basically EP.  The three original songs show a band that has some promise, but that maybe needs a little better songwriting and consistency, along with better production.  (Review by Matt)