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Dark Endless Interview - Added 07/08/03

WHIPPING POST - Dark Endless is somewhat of a mystery band. Most people that have heard of the band have never heard your music. Most people have no idea the true identity of the one and only band member. Some people that have heard your music still don't know your identity. And then there are a few of us who have heard the music and know who's behind it. That being said, give everyone a little run-down of the history of Dark Endless and why you've chosen to 1.) Not reveal your identity, and 2.) Make it so difficult for people to even hear what you've recorded. 

DARK ENDLESS - Well I've chosen not to reveal my identity because I feel this is a good opportunity to show a side that I feel is more me. It's a very, very personal thing including the music. It's all from deep within me. The reason it is so hard to hear the music is because I am against trends. I don't want people to hear this just because it's a black metal project and it's Christian. I want people to hear it who are into it! Another reason it's hard to get is because I am not a rich guy. So it's very difficult to make copies of it. I haven't sought label support for this project yet and am waiting until my full album is recorded before I do. 

WP - The music on your CD, Dark End Times, is very harsh black metal. Many bands have chosen the symphonic route in the last few years. Any reason why you've chosen to play extreme, raw black metal, or as some would call, true black metal? 

DE - Well, this is actually easy for me to answer. I like the raw, harsher, grim stuff. I despise keyboards with a passion in black metal. It's just not black metal to me when they add those. When it's done right it's the way Graveland did it. But the way these other bands use it like Dimmu Borgir or the way Sanctifica did just turns me away. I don't like it. I always only listen to the most harsh, raw stuff there is. So it was just natural for me to do that. 

WP - What is your favorite song on the album and why? 

DE - Probably "Blistering Cold" because it's more haunting and raw. At least I think so. 

WP - What are some of the reactions that you have had when people hear your music - positive or negative? 

DE - It's all been positive. Not any negative comments yet. Well, a few vocal parts a few people didn't like, but it wasn't enough to turn them off or away from it. I am very happy that those who have heard it do like it. Those who haven't, well you'll get your chance. 

WP - Do you think you'll ever reveal your true identity with this project, or is it too much fun to keep it a mystery? 

DE - It will always be a mystery. Those who know, keep it to yourselves. Those who don't will never know! 

WP - Bands like Horde started out as an anonymous project, but word leaked out who was behind the project. Have you had any problems with this yet? Do you think you will? 

DE - It's always going to be secretive. Darkend is Darkend. Yes I have had problems from some people. They just couldn't keep their mouths shut and had to spill out who I was. 

WP - What kind of reactions have you had from people when they find out who is behind Dark Endless? 

DE - Well, at the time it was spilled I was so angry that I dropped the band. That is a lot of why this took so long to do. I still am a tad angry over the 5 people who spilled the beans on it. I never really cared to pay attention to what people thought. My anger was too hot. 

WP - Have you ever thought about maybe looking for some other band members to fill some spots in the band or are you committed to keeping this a solo project? 

DE - Well, I do have two other musicians in mind to help me with the next one. However, if either of them flakes, I'll do it myself again! I don't have a problem with it. But I would like some input from both of these guys I have asked and have in mind. 

WP - You've recently allowed the internet radio station, Savage Rock, to start playing some of your songs for the general public to hear. Are there any other outlets where people can hear your work? 

DE - As of right now, that's all. I haven't heard it on Savage Rock Radio yet so I don't even know if it's in rotation. If it is, I'm happy I guess. Gene Savage is a great guy full of support! 

WP - Do you ever plan on releasing Dark End Times at some point in the future as an official CD release? 

DE - No, I want to keep it as it is. I want to be able to have a new album released, and let that get the exposure it deserves. 

WP - You don't have to give names, but are you currently (or in the past) involved in any other musical projects? 

DE - Yeah I am involved in 2 other projects besides Dark Endless, and a full band. I am helping my boss with his music, and also helping a good friend of mine with his project. Plus my main band which is very, very metal! I won't name the names, but I am excited about all of them. Especially my main band. 

WP - Who are your main influences musically with Dark Endless? 

DE - Well, I would say Mayhem, Horde, Dark Throne, Ildjarn, and Mysticum to name a few. There are so many though. The next one will be more along the lines of Vondur and Abruptum, mixed with those.

WP - What will you do differently on the next album? 

DE - Well, the vocals will be different, the drum sound will be a little better, and the guitars will be harsher. The whole thing will be faster as well. All will be better produced. 

WP - Any profound reason for choosing Dark Endless as a name for your band, or did it just sound cool? 

DE - Dark Endless came to me one day and it just sounded really cool. Everywhere you go there is Darkness and it never ends thus the name Dark Endless. Never Ending Darkness. 

WP - Are your lyrics available anywhere only for those that have your music, but want to figure out what you have to say? 

DE - No not at the moment. I may write them out but I'm not so sure. This is only a demo and nothing more. I was just testing the waters with this. 

WP - How long have you been playing each of the different instruments you play in Dark Endless? 

DE - Well I've been doing this a LONG time. Drums for 16 years, bass for 16 years, guitar for 18 years, and vocals, well this style for about 10 years. 

WP - What kind of equipment did you use for the Dark End Times album? 

DE - Guitar I used a crappy Fender Squier with a lame distortion pedal from Applause. Drums were a mix of Tama and Pearl that a friend had, and the bass was a crappy Yamaha. Mic for vocals was just a Shure 57, which is a great mic! The rest were just odds and ends of stuff. 

WP - What are your top 5 favorite black metal albums of all time? 

DE - Mayhem - Mysteriis Dom Satanas
Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Vondur - Galactic Rock & Roll Empire
Dark Funeral - Secrets of the Black Arts 
Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness 

WP - What do you feel is the big thing in metal right now? Do you see any particular styles making a big mark in the near future? 

DE - Honestly, the big thing in metal is this lame power metal stuff. I hate it. Aside from a few bands that I do like, the style is just overdone. They are all about these metal anthems. The metal anthem was done by Accept so I don't need to hear more. They are all good musicians and I will give credit where credit is due, but I just think it's rehashed glam without the glam look. In the near future I can see thrash making it's big comeback and redominating for a little while. 

WP - What do you think of all the trendy music today - of which many styles are claming to be metal when in reality they are not? (rapcore, nu-metal, metalcore, etc) 

DE - I honestly don't like much of it. If something is good, it's good and I won't take that from them. However, if some band claims to be metal and are not, they need to rethink themselves. Mostly it's the fans that say that these bands are metal and the fans need a good beating. Hahaha! But seriously, I don't care for any rap crap or unmetal stuff. Play the real thing or don't play it at all! 

WP - Who is one person you admire within the music world that you think just stands out above all the rest as just maybe a genius in what they do. This can be either someone in a band or someone who used to be in a band. Or maybe even someone just related to music be it a producer or record label guru, etc... (Besides me of course! Haha!) 

WP - Just one huh? I guess this would be Tony Iommi. The guy has always been genius at his music. Granted the last Black Sabbath studio album Forbidden reeked so bad of dung it had toilet stains in the music! But I've always highly admired Tony Iommi! 

WP - What are your thoughts on Christianity and the positives/negatives in this day and age? 

DE - Well, I have positives and negatives about it. I am a Christian. So Jesus is my light. I live as close to it as I can. The things I hate are when people get involved. I don't care for holy rollers at all. My faith is personal and it's not a public advertisement. It never will be. But I still follow God's way. I hope I answered the question! 

WP - Any final comments? 

DE - Thanks for letting me do this interview. I really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who truly believes in Dark Endless and those who have heard it and support it. More is on the way and it will be tons better! Those who haven't heard it, well I don't know what to say. Maybe you can find someone who has it and get a burned CD-R.