Daemongrinder - Inhuman Acts of Brutality


Ok..."Gore Splattered Face", "Grisly Fate", "Rot","Maggotus Enemy", "Blasphemassacre"...yep, this is grindcore.  Actually, you might even think this is goregrind, but the lyrics are not gruesome and there are no pictures in the CD cover of guts spilling out, or severed limbs, or hacked up naked corpses, or anything of that disgusting matter.  I'm not sure if this band is pronounced how it's spelled "Daemongrinder" or like "Demongrinder".  Regardless, Inhuman Acts of Brutality is pretty much extremely fast death/grindcore played by one man, Jason Kline.  Fans of bands like Vomitorial Corpulence may get into this band a little, but if you think that VC was not very special then you should pass on this too.  Mr. Kline does vocals and plays guitar, but all the rest of it is programming, including the drums.  Sometimes the programmed drums sound okay, but at other times it just sounds like spit wads hitting a paper grocery sack.  Not a good sound at all.  And many times it does those speeding programmed drum parts that would be absolutely impossible for any human to duplicate.  I'm sorry, but I want my metal to be real, not programmed.  The vocals here are just sickening growls, that are decent, but nothing that will excite the average grind fan.


Overall, this CD does very little for me.  Getting a real drummer and bass player would be the first step here.  Next would be to write more interesting songs.  Better than sub-par production would also be nice.  Unless you are REALLY into underground stuff, this may not be your cup of tea.  Check out http://www.daemongrinder.com for more info.