Covet - s/t


Hailing from Central Florida comes a new metal/hardcore band called Covet.  The group started in early 2004 (I'm reviewing in July 2004) and has already recorded this 3 song demo.  Seeing as how all three songs only total 5 minutes and 38 seconds, it's not quite as amazing a feat as one might think.
On this s/t demo, the band basically rips through 3 quick songs of metal-influenced hardcore with some pretty killer groove reminding me alot of Agony Scene.  Production is pretty good with a nice punch to the drums and great guitar tone.  There is nothing original here musically or vocally and if you like most of what's in the metalcore scene you'll love this band too.  If you hate the metalcore style, you'd best stay clear.  They have the ever common hardcore scream/black metal shrieking style of vocals thoughout all three songs, with the song "Mr. War" reminding me of alot of Overcome.
Lyrically, the band has nothing really all that positive to convey.  "Breathstealer" is about someone who commits suicide.  One line in the song is very insightful though..."The responsibility/it was too much/and the cries you never see in my heart."  Probably what most suicide victims actually go through.  Overwhelming responsibility and stress that leads to their death.  While friends and family never even notice the problems leading up to it cause the person keeps it all inside.
"Manic" is basically a song of death as well.  The line "The world is a rotting carcass/and humans are the maggots", is quite the negative outlook, but is actually quite true depending on your point of view.
"Mr. War" rounds out the disc and really grates at my nerves.  I realize that many people don't agree with the war on terror that the U.S. is fighting, but Covet has their opinions barking up the wrong tree here.  They accuse George Bush of "advertising the war like a movie to make it fun and profitable."  Even though I don't know Mr. Bush personally, I highly doubt that he thinks that this war is "fun" or has the idea that it is a good "money making machine".  The song ends with the words, "Drop the bomb/show everyone your big f*cking gun Mr. War/Thank Mr. War for leading us to the next Vietnam..."  I'm all for everyone speaking their own opinion.  I have many friends that are against the war too, but that song, and it's misguided views, turns me off to this band completely.
A disc full of headbanging music that is of pretty good quality, just wish they would think their lyrics through first before spewing garbage like the last song.  You can get this disc for FREE off the band's website: or you can download all three songs off of .  (Review by Matt)