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Name: Matt Morrow

Age: 31

Spiritual B-Day: August 22, 1997

Favorite bands:  Saviour Machine, Virgin Black, Antestor, Opeth, Extol, Crimson Moonlight, Mental Destruction, Sanctum, Morphia, Slechtvalk, Symphony X, Morgion, Divinefire, Nightwish, Haggard, Avenger of Blood, Drottnar, Frosthardr, Renascent, Vardoger, Yeti, Royal Anguish, Frost Like Ashes, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Azure Skies, Parca Pace, Lengsel, Holy Blood, Pantokrator, Sacrificium, Veni Domine, Shadow Gallery, Tourniquet, Nevermore, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Novembers Doom.

Favorite Movies:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Shawshank Redemption, Matrix Trilogy, The Ring, Jesus of Nazareth, Kingdom of Heaven, Seven, Saw, Pirates of the Caribbean, Secret Window, Heat, Man on Fire.

Favorite Food:  Steak, Pizza, Enchiladas w/Rice & Beans, Burgers, Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Starbuck's Frappuccinos, Sweet Tea, Coffee

Favorite Books:  The Word, Anything by John Piper

Favorite Verse:  Isaiah 26:4

Favorite Quote: "Be ye Prepared, the End is Nigh" - Mental Destruction

Favorite Song: "Single Handed Attempt at Revolution" - Training For Utopia

Yahoo Messenger Screen Name: whippingpostzine

My Space Site: http://myspace.com/thewhippingpost