Consecrator - Image of Deception


Hmmmm....ever wonder if Believer had a release before Extraction from Mortality?  Well, stop wondering and start believing.  This newly found Believer album will blow you away.  Technical, brutal, aggressive, and downright crazy thrash from the masters themselves.  The first six tracks on this disc absolutely slay!!!  Remastered and they sound fantastic.  Why was this stuff hidden for so long?  And Kurt Bachman's vocals sound just as strong as his days on Sanity Obscure.  It's amazing that no label released this disc back in the day.  The last six tracks are not remastered and suffer somewhat from production woes, but the metal coming through my speakers still pleases the ears.  The riffs on this album are just downright killer!  Leave it to Believer to release an album that rips this good.  File this right in with you other 3 Believer classics...if you can even get it out of your CD player.  Kudos to whoever was able to keep this a secret this long.  (Review by Matt)
Oh yeah...did I mention...this really isn't Believer, but a re-release of the old Consecrator demos.  Simply put, if you love Believer, don't hesistate in purchasing this disc.  Fabulous stuff!  High praise to Bombworks Records for making this disc available!