Classic Metal - s/t


One glance at the cover of this album and you just have to check it out.  It has one of the coolest covers of a Christian metal compilation.  This collection has tunes that were recorded in 1987 & 1988.  The only thing I really don't understand about it is that it has the song "Wasn't It Love" from Mastedon, since I don't consider them "metal."  Most of the other nine songs are good driving metal.  Some of the best features are 2 songs from Rage of Angels, one song from Believer that isn't on any of their albums and the original "Attack" from Deliverance.  The inside cover does contain the lyrics and production notes and where the songs were take from.  Bands featured:  MASTEDON, RAGE OF ANGELS, GUARDIAN, SOLDIER, DELIVERANCE, ARSENAL, BELIEVER, and THE LEAD.  Best songs:  "Don't Give Up," & "Do You Still Believe In Love?"-Rage of Angels, "Attack"-Deliverance, and "The Chosen,"-Believer.  (Review by Gary)