Carlos Soto - Tribal Behavior

Mazakot Music


Well, well, well...after a little bit of a well-deserved rest, Carlos Soto is back again.  If you didn't know, a couple years ago, Soto released three albums in one year under the band name Tribus.  Now here he is again, this time using his own name as the band name...Carlos Soto.  The sound however is essentially no different than Tribus.  In fact, the last half of this album contains songs from some of Tribus' early albums, Manual Acrobatics and Mega Shred.
The thing that is interesting about Soto is that his entire sound beside the drums is completely centered around the bass guitar.  In fact, the back of the CD states that the album contains no electric guitars or keyboards.  To many people, that alone is a big turnoff.  And I can't say I blame you.  Soto is a talented bass player, but you can only do so much with a bass guitar, and it seems like Soto is reaching the least in the realm of Tribus.  The material on this disc is not very different at all from the material we've heard on his other albums.  The sound might be somewhat improved, but nothing that will attract people to his music that didn't like it in the past.  For those who do enjoy Tribus, you'll surely be happy with this disc as well.  One big improvement I did notice though is the much nicer packaging.  Nothing super fancy, but better than the cardboard stock inserts of the past.
Truthfully, I'm just not into instrumental music.  There are a few instrumental bands I Abolishment of Hate, but for the most part, I get bored really quick.  The same is true here with Soto's material.  There is nothing heavy or metal about this album and that alone makes it hard to listen all the way through.  With that being said, I'm really sorry Carlos.  After four albums, I really want to like your music, but it's just not my cup of tea.  (Review by Matt)