Bride - Snakes in the Playground


Considered by many to be Bride's best album.  I have to agree.  With it's energetic, catchy songs it's easy to keep this one playing in the CD player.  Excellent production quality, lots of guitars, layers of vocals and scripture-based songs with Bible verses to go along with them.  If you've never heard Bride, here's the best place to start.  Ten metal tunes and two ballads.  There's even guest appearances by people from The Newsboys, Whiteheart and The Kentucky Headhunters; not exactly what you'd expect on a metal album, but don't think you're buying a pop or country album here, it is metal.  Probably their most commercial sounding album, but some of the lyrics are dark, descriptive and to the point, but like most Bride songs they're more "honest" than "happy."  You might want to buy two CD's of this album.  It's so good, you might end up doing what they say you can't do, wear the CD out!  Best songs:  "Fallout," "Dust Through A Fan," "Don't Use Me," and "I Miss The Rain."  Rating 10.  (Review by Gary)