Bride - Snakes Alive

Retroactive Records


Back in the day, Bride was "THE" band in some circles.  I know that in the early to mid-'90's, I was a huge fan.  For those of us who caught Bride live, it was an experience to remember.  I got to see them in early 1994 during their tour for Snakes in the Playground.  Fantastic concert that one of the most passionate performances I've seen by any band.
Now thanks to Retroactive Records, one of those passionate performances has been resurrected.  This album Snakes Alive, is the recording of their 1992 Cornerstone gig.  It was recorded right as Kinetic Faith was winding down and right before Snakes in the Playground was released.  It was right about the time all the rumors started flying about Dale Thompson leaving Bride and joining Stryper...which Dale discusses on this album.  The stage was set, the crowd was pumped, and Dale was in the groove from beginning to end on this great live recording.  Now production-wise, it's not the greatest ever.  Retroactive Records states that it rates about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 in regards to live recordings.  I'd say that's about right.  I've definitely heard better than this.  But for those who've heard the horrible recording qualities of Bride's live album Live in Germany, this is a much improved sound.
Bride romps through 12 songs of classic Bride hard rock/metal on this disc.  Combining the ear-splitting screams that Dale was known for since day one, with the newly (at that time) Bride swagger...ala Guns-n-Roses, the band was hitting on all cylinders on this night.  Tracklisting includes..."Picture Perfect", "Ever Fallen in Love", "Young Love", "Hired Gun", "Troubled Times", "Would You Die for Me", "Same Ol' Sinner", "Under the Influence", "Dust Through a Fan", "Psychedelic Super Jesus", "Everbody Knows My Name", "Hell No", and some of Dale's firey preaching.  Lyrics are not included, but there is a short write-up by Doug about the Bride of that time period.
All in all, this is a classic release that Bride fans should not miss.  Limited to 1000 copies, you better act quick if you want to own this rare opportunity to hear Bride live in their prime.  (Review by Matt)