Bride - Silence is Madness


A much sought-after and rather pricey CD was the original of Silence Is Madness for years.  Thanks to M8 records, we once again are easily able to get this album.  This re-release is actually quite unique in that it contains "Everybody Knows My Name" and "Same Ol' Sinner", which were actually recorded for the SIM album, but originally were not on this album, rather they were included on their End of The Age collection.  The version of "Everybody Knows My Name" is the same one on EOTA, not the version on Kinetic Faith.  The other six bonus tracks are from Dale Thompson's Lost In His Love album from 1983.  Those bonus tracks are quite different, very 80's, and the production is not exactly the greatest, but yet still listenable.  Oddly enough, both Show No Mercy and SIM re-issues contain the song "Butterfly".  A few surprises are the song "His Love Is Everywhere", which is on the mellow side and does not sound like Bride song, but has a very uplifting and positive message...the other surprise is "Lost In His Love", which has a southern/country sound to it.  My version of this re-issue is the European version and contains the original pictures and an album cover that does NOT have the M8 logo all around the border, it looks more like the original.  The only thing that could have made this album packaging better was a clearer printing of the lyrics/liner notes...they're hardly readable, but I guess that's better than none at all.
SOUND QUALITY - Same As Original
STICK WITH THE ORIGINAL OR GET THE RE-ISSUE? -'s generally cheaper and has more songs

(Review by Gary)