Bride - Show No Mercy


Bride's first album isn't quite as polished as their next releases.  The songs aren't very commercial at all, rather more on the raw side, yet some are still catchy.  I don't listen to this album as much as their others, but it does get an occasional spin.  The album was not originally released on CD.  Bride did release a double album of this and Silence Is Madness on one CD back in the mid 90's and it is now out of print and hard to find.  I'm glad I bought my copy of the double album CD, which must have been recorded from the vinyl record, you can hear a few crackles and pops on it, but growing up hearing records it doesn't bother me at all.  Old fans of (or fans of old) Bride will mostly enjoy this release, it is nothing like their newer material.  Best songs: "Show No Mercy," "I Will Be With You," "Thunder In The City," and "The First Will Be Last." (Review by Gary)