Bride - Live to Die


Here is a kickin' metal album from the early years of Bride.  Lot's of heavy guitars, fast tunes and screaming vocals.  This album is a real classic.  Much more polished and has better production than their previous Show No Mercy.  This one contains their ever-popular "Hell No."  I think the "two guitarists" element of this album really makes it stand out (second guitarist, Steve Osborne).  Don't get me wrong, Troy is an excellent guitarist, but I like the diverse guitar work on this album.  Every time I listen to this disc I realize I forgot how great it is!  In the liner notes, there are explanations of all the songs.  The songs are very poetic and dark...artsy & theatrical.  "Hereos" is very theatrical, you can almost picture all the spoken lines actually taking place.  The album ends kind of strange with a bizzare piano and some screaming.  I asked Dale Thompson about this and he told me it was actually a "joke" that their producer put on the album.  M8 re-released this album.  I still own an original on Pure Metal, it's "must have" for real Bride fans!  Gary's Best songs:  "Hell No," "Fire And Brimestone," "Heroes."  (Review by Gary)