Bride - End of the Age


Bride has several "greatest hits" albums, but this one is my favorite.  Eight classic tunes from their first three albums and two previously unreleased songs.  This collection has the best mix of "Everybody Knows My Name."  The other previously unreleased track is "Same Ol' Sinner," an amazing blusey and catchy metal tune.  I liked that they put "Thunder In The City" on this album since it has the cool "talk box" sound throughout most of the song.  You'll even find their hit "Hell No" on this album, too.  Although I like this collection, I'm really not big into "greatest hits" type of albums since they usually leave out one or two songs that should have been included.  The only song left out of this collection that should have been added is "Under The Influence."  If you've never heard early Bride, this collection will give you a good taste of their metal days.  Best songs:  "Everybody Knows My Name," "Same Ol' Sinner" and "Thunder In The City."  (Review by Gary)