Bloodwork - Insufficient Flesh

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Well, I knew that Bloodwork was working on some new material, but I didn't realize it was finished until I received this new EP in my mailbox a couple weeks ago.  Bloodwork hails from London and has started to attract a good following by playing at festivals like Nordic Fest, Bobfest, Destruction Fest, and others.
Bloodwork's style can best fit into the death metal category, but they also combine a few elements of other extreme metal styles like black and thrash metal to complete their sound.  Their first EP, In His Death, was an extremely limited release, but the band did (or does) offer mp3's of the 2 tracks on their website for fans who don't have a copy of the album.  It's been a while since I heard those 2 tracks, but from what I remember this EP sounds like a solid improvement.  Where you can listen to some bands and realize that they probably have no hope of ever becoming all that good, I have a much different feeling when listening to Bloodwork.  Insufficient Flesh showcases five very strong metal songs that give the band something to expand upon with their upcoming full length and this should serve to be a stepping stone to an exciting career of high quality death metal in the future.  The band just has that attitude and emotion in their music that makes you assume they are going to go places with this sound.
Musically, the band sounds tight and brutally heavy.  Like one of the reviewers on their bio sheet said, they do remind me a little bit of Gorguts as well.  The band never gets insanely fast, but they explore everything else from slow and plodding, to mid-paced, to semi-fast styled death metal with some occassional blasting.  Vocally the band mixes it up between some low gutteral growls and some higher pitched growls that border on a black metal shriek. 
Lyrically, the band does a solid job with topics ranging from purity, to the cleansing blood of Christ, to choices we make that affect eternity, and the love of God.  And while the production is somewhat lacking, the sound is good enough to really enjoy this disc and get in some great headbanging.
All in all, I like this band more and more as I give this disc more listens.  I think they have great potential to really progress into a much stronger band.  I, for one, am greatly looking forward to their upcoming full length.  Check out for more info.  (Review by Matt)